A Re/vitalised museum

ACMI Re/new is a major redevelopment of our museum.

When our 10-year old exhibition Screen Worlds needed to be upgraded, we were presented with a unique opportunity to redevelop and reimagine our spaces, to create a more open and welcoming environment.

Our re/development will include:

A dramatic transformation of our building

  • A ‘living staircase’ and new spaces to sit and relax in

  • Our cinemas presenting the very best of screen culture from Australia and around the world

  • A contemporary cafe and bar with new interior

  • A revitalised shop devoted to art and culture

  • New event spaces

A new exhibition to illuminate our history

A new permanent gallery that takes audiences on an immersive journey into the past, present and future of the moving image through interactive experiences, amazing objects and captivating stories.

Playable and interactive experiences

Key moments of the moving image come to life through interactive experiences that let you animate shadows, craft optical toys, experiment with time, assemble film scenes and create soundscapes in a custom Foley studio.

State of the art education spaces

Two new spaces to deliver education programs and workshops in - the Gandel Digital Future Labs, where students can access the technology and creative tools to harness the moving image.

Bringing our collection to life

A Media Preservation Lab to keep our past alive, and bring the vital work of our collection into the public eye.


Help us re/build your moving image museum in the heart of Melbourne

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Anaya Latter